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Good welcome friends of backgammon, welcome in SGames wiki,

Using SGames you will have the pleasure to play as professionals or beginners, to win genuine money, to play for fun and accomplish new contacts with different people all over the world. You may play backgammon, tapa, gulbara in single and serial games.

You may take a part in tournaments in different games with a different number of players, in different time with variety of prize fund. Duel! You may compete with the other players and prove oneself as a professional in the tournament Duel! – It doesn’t matter of dice or luck! It depends only upon how good are you in backgammon! There is Jackpot for those who are all the best!

You may take a part in the world championship for beginners or professionals- it is composed of 24 daily eliminations, daily qualification, monthly qualification ( Small Cup) and finish – determination of the champion of the year ( Big Cup).

As a member of SGames Club you may analyze your games in ours and any other backgammon, you will be able to see your opponents’ statistics, you will be able also to play in tournaments organized especially for you and many other superexcellent.

In SGames wiki there are instructions how to:

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